GNSS-S, Splitter
GNSS-S, Splitter

GNSS-S, Splitter

With the ROGER™ GNSS Signal Splitter, is a signal splitter that is used to distribute GNSS signals to several Repeaters. Splitter works with GPS L1, GPS L2/GLONASS/GALILEO frequency bands. It has one chaining output and four repeater outputs. DC power is passed from the chaining output to the input connector for line amplifier and GNSS receiving antenna.
ROGER™ GNSS Splitter is a one to five signal splitter with an output of -4 dB (1 port) and -12 dB (4 ports) that can transmit signal to up to five separate GNSS repeater units. The splitter is easy to use and permits a wide range of system configurations.

Tekniset tiedot




135 g

Operating temperature:

-25 - +55°C


TNC female input TNC female output

Frequency range:

1200-1700 MHz

Noise figure:

<5 dB





Power supply:

The splitter is powered through the RF input connector from the ROGER GNSS Repeater