GNSS-L1G1GA-BP Basic Package
GNSS-L1G1GA-BP Basic Package

GNSS-L1G1GA-BP Basic Package

Key Features
A single ROGER GNSS Repeater Package is enough to provide a GPS L1, GALILEO E1 and GLONASS G1 indoor coverage area of about 1000 square meters and a distance up to 50 meters from the repeater center. Mount the external antenna on the roof of the building and connect the cable supplied with the kit to the antenna and other end to the repeater installed indoors. Connect the power supply unit to the repeater, adjust the repeater’s transmission power according to the local conditions, to prevent a signal loopback, and indoor GPS L1, GALILEO E1 and GLONASS G1 coverage is immediately available.

Several ROGER GNSS Repeater Packages can be installed in the same building. Alternatively, the signal coverage provided by a single package can be extended with ROGER GNSS Accessories, such as line amplifiers and signal splitters

GNSS-L1G1GA-BP Basic Package includes:

GNSS-L1G1GA Repeater, Power supply, Antenna, Antenna mount and 20 meter RF cable.

Tekniset tiedot


GPS L1 (1.57542 GHz)


GLONASS G1 (1.602 GHz)


GALILEO E1 (1.57542 GHz)


110*143*28 mm


165 g

Overal Gain:

> 40 dB

Adjustable Gain:

0-40 dB


50 Ohm

Input connector


Operating temperature:

- 25 - +55 °C

Power supply:


Indoor coverage:

upto 50 meters

Antenna power output:

+ 5 VDC, 100 mA

TX antenna gain:

max. +4dBd, RHCP polarisized




+28 dB

Cable Length:

20 meters