iSFC Fast Fiber Fault Finder
iSFC Fast Fiber Fault Finder

iSFC Fast Fiber Fault Finder


• Immediate localization of an optical fiber break, cut or failure

• Based on Industry standards, SFP/SFP+ data transceivers are deployed in all Switch, Router, Media Converter equipment and more.

• SFP/SFP+ transceivers are industry standard configurations of fiber optic digital data transport devices

• Direct functional replacement with the additional capability to instantly detect, locate (within few meters) an optical fiber break or failure

• Report optical fiber faults network operations center - utilizing almost any host switch

• Patented

BENEFITS (in addition to the standard data transport capabilities)

• Made in the USA

• Dramatically reduces the Detection Time (length of time to find the break) anywhere from 2 hours to 2 weeks

• Reduce the Mean-Time-to-Recovery (MTTR) from an optical fiber fault.

• Significant cost savings for the Communications Service Provider (CSP),

• Reduced OpEX due to instant location capabilities

• Improved service levels, delivering a real competitive advantage