Roger-GPS repeater systems have increased the usability of the management system and the speed of the navigation function.

In 2006 the Päijät-Häme rescue department (Lahti Region Fire and Rescue Service) introduced a new incident management system. It soon became apparent that when the emergency services were inside the fire stations, the physical structure of the buildings was preventing ingress of GPS signals and vehicles were receiving and sending inaccurate location information.

Additionally, when the fire engines left the station, it would sometimes take several minutes to re-acquire a GPS satellite fix. During these first few crucial minutes of a callout the appliance would be transmitting incorrect location data to the command and control centre.


After a detailed study the rescue department made the decision to deploy Roger-GPS repeater systems inside all 24/7 manned stations and equipment halls.

The repeater systems provide reliable and continuous GPS coverage inside the stations, which means that satellite navigation equipment in all vehicles is “locked on” to the GPS satellites at all times.

When they leave the station they immediately acquire GPS lock and are able to transmit accurate location data to the command centre from the outset.

Marko Nieminen, ICT-Specialist at Päijät-Häme Rescue Department ( commented;

The most important benefit is that the appliances no longer need to wait for a GPS ‘fix’ when they leave the station. They receive an accurate GPS signal at all times when inside which means that routing to the destination can be set before leaving the station (garage) if necessary. We have also installed GPS repeaters inside a number of training classrooms so that we can provide training on navigation systems indoors.