Outdoor LT Enclosure
Outdoor LT Enclosure

Outdoor LT Enclosure

Description :

The LT assembly is an outdoor enclosure that houses a broadband RF/Microwave over Fiber transmitter, receiver, or transceiver (transmitter + receiver). Fiber links may be configured for unidirectional or bidirectional RF traffic. The LT enclosure has a wide dynamic range and supports RF/Microwave transport in situations where transport distance or flexibility of cabling may prohibit the use of coaxial cable. Packaged in a rugged IP67 weatherized enclosure, the internal fiber modules provide high Spurious Free Dynamic Range (SFDR) transport for RF/Microwave signals extending in frequency up to 60 GHz. 

• IP-67 Rated Outdoor Enclosure
• Bandwidths up to 60 GHz
• -20°C to +55°C Operating Temperature
• Stable Fixed Gain and RF Performance 
Over the Full Operating Temperature 
• Configured as Transmitter, Receiver, or 
• High Spur Free Dynamic Range (SFDR)
• 1310 nm, 1550 nm, and DWDM 
• Remote monitoring via SSH CLI, HTTP 
web UI, Managed RFoF Graphical User 
Interface, and SNMP v2 and v3
• Local LED Status Indication
• Laser Conforms to Class 1 Emission Level 
per CDRH and IEC-835 (EN 60825 

• +15, +25, +35 dB Integrated LNA in 
• +15, +25, +35 dB Integrated Post Amplifier 
in Receiver
• -20°C to (up to) +85°C Extended Operating 
• 20 kHz Lower roll-off Frequency

• Microwave Antenna Distribution
• Frequency Distribution Systems
• Multi-Band Satcom Transport
• Electronic Warfare
• Shipboard RF Distribution