GNSS-S, Splitter
GNSS-S, Splitter

GNSS-S, Splitter

With the ROGER™ GNSS Signal Splitter, is a signal splitter that is used to distribute GNSS signals to several Repeaters. Splitter works with GPS L1, GPS L2/GLONASS/GALILEO/BEIDOU frequency bands. Splitter is one to five splitter. DC power (+5V, max 100mA) is passed from -4 dB port to antenna port which is connected to the GNSS receiving outdoor antenna.
ROGER™ GNSS Splitter is a one to five signal splitter with an output of -4 dB (1 port) and -12 dB (4 ports) that can transmit signal to up to five separate GNSS repeater units. The splitter is easy to use and permits a wide range of system configurations.

Technical information




135 g

Operating Temperature:

-25 - +55°C


TNC female input TNC female output

Frequency range:

1100-1700 MHz

Noise figure:

<5 dB




1 x -4dB and 4 x -12dB

Power supply:

The splitter is powered through the RF input connector from the ROGER GNSS Repeater