Portable GNSS repeater.

Use cases include Field Service, Public Safety, Mission Critical related tasks - whether it is location or timing related applications.
Everything you need for indoor GNSS in one compact backpack. Open the lid and setup the antenna and you are ready to go.
No need for fixed power connection when using battery.

1. GNSS-L1L2G1GA repeater
2. 230V Power supply for charging the battery pack and powering up the repeater
3. Battery pack (8 Ah) if no power is available
4. Antenna mount for the antenna
5. GNSS antenna and 20m or 40m cable on reel
6. Reel holder for winding/unwinding of cable
7. Fuse for over current protection
8. 12V Power supply for AC/DC input and car battery/cigarette lighter adapter

Technical information


6,9 kg


46.23 x 34.04 x 17.02cm (18.20” x 13.40” x 6.70”)

GNSS-L1G1GA Repeater

6,9 kg


46.23 x 34.04 x 17.02cm (18.20” x 13.40” x 6.70”)

Overall Gain:

GPS L1 (1.57542 GHz), GPS L2 (1.2276GHz), GLONASS G1 (1.602 GHz), GALILEO E1 (1,57542 GHz), BEIDOU B1 (1.5611 GHz)

Noise Figure:

>40 dB

Adjustable attenuation:

<2 dB


0-40 dB

Input connector:


Operating temperature:


Power supply:

-40 - +75 °C

Battery pack:

110-230VAC - 12VDC/1.0A

Antenna power output:

Tracer BP2545 Lithium Polymer Battery Pack Battery Model Spec: LiPo -6067100 3S2P 11.1V 8Ah

TX antenna gain max:

+5VDC, 100mA