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The fast increasing popularity of GNSS – Global Navigation Satellite System (GPS, Glonass, BeiDou, Galileo) terminals, systems and services has generated new applications and given rise to expectations that these devices would be able to operate indoors as well.

Roger-GPS Ltd. is a company specialized in GNSS (GPS, Glonass) repeater technology. Our customers include a wide range of users who need GNSS (GPS, Glonass) signal reception indoors. Users are among others: public safety, defense, public transport, airline & airport & logistics operators, companies developing, manufacturing, selling and servicing navigation signal applications and GNSS (GPS, Glonass) navigators, terminals, systems and services.

Roger-GPS Ltd.'s business concept permits with the use of GNSS (GPS, Glonass) repeater devices navigation and timing equipment and services indoors - in places where it was previously impossible.

The company was established as spin-off in 2009 to carry on the development, manufacturing and marketing of GPS products started by Sparklike Ltd in Finland already 2005. The company introduced September 2008 the world first type approved and CE-certified (by the communications authorities in Finland and Sweden) GPS repeater product family. The Roger-GPS products are re-certified 2012 by SGS Intertek to fulfil the ETSI EN 302 645 essential requirements with certification number CE1986.

The use of GPS (GNSS) repeaters might require approval. Please check, apply and fulfil the radio licensing regulations and directives of the use of GNSS repeaters in your country given and set by your regulator.

The Roger-GPS products are manufactured in Finland and the private company owners are Maktub Consulting Ltd., Naxim Ltd and Simo Ruoko.

Contact information:

Roger-GPS Oy
Finnoonniitynkuja 4
02270 Espoo
E-mail: roger(at)
BI: 2246514-0

Further Information:

If you have any questions about ROGER please contact us

Simo Ruoko
E-mail: simo.ruoko(at)
Mob. +358 40 504 0759

Jari Rautiainen
Sales and Operations
E-mail: jari.rautiainen(at)
Mob. +358 400 298 488

Jari Simonen
Product Manager
E-mail: jari.simonen(at)
Mob. +358 40 8033 775