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Is your company interested in being a reseller for Roger-GPS GNSS products. We are actively looking for new resellers to sell and develop our products. GNSS technology is evolving rapidly and amount of GNSS receiver users growing fast creating new opportunities and demands for indoor GNSS. Does your company have expertise on GNSS technology and it's future? Does you company have customers that need indoor GNSS? Does your company have customers with need to create full coverage to their site or building? 


If you still interested in send us a short description of your company and answer the following questions:

  • Why would you like to sell  ROGER™ GNSS products?
  • What kind of skills your company has to be a successful reseller?
  • What added value your company could bring in addition to selling ROGER™ products? New partners, market exposure, product knowledge, what else?
  • Does your company have domestic or international sales network which could also sell ROGER™ products?
  • Anything else valuable info you could share with us?

If you have any questions about being reseller or want to contact us see our contact details below or use our contact form.


Jari Rautiainen
Director, Sales and Operations
Jari Simonen
Product Manager