Roger-GPS in ASTRID User Days in Brussels, 3 - 4 October 2018

Tue 02 Oct 2018 08:25:00 AM EEST

Roger-GPS is exhibiting in ASTRID User Days in Brussels with Critical Communications Finland.

Meet: Roger-GPS, Beaconsim, Codea, Elektro-Arola, Erillisverkot, Goodmill, Mentura Group, Secapp and VTT on Critical Communications Finland stand 65 as well as Airbus, Bittium and Gryphon Secure on their own stands.


The ASTRID User Days provide a very broad overview of current and future applications in the fields of critical communications, localization, paging, track and trace, alarming, dispatching, video, etc. We would like to invite all users to celebrate the 20th anniversary of ASTRID.

Exhibition and product demonstrations
3.500 m² space featuring over 80 suppliers and manufactures from throughout Europe and 1.500 visitors from the public safety field.

Global Navigation Satellite System Signal Indoors

How does it work?

Click and watch the video how Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) signals repeater works and how you can use it indoors.


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