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ROGER GNSS Repeater unit (GNSS-L1G1GA-IP67)


ROGER GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO repeater operates by receiving satellite signals with an antenna located outside the building and re-radiating the signals to the indoor area or covered space. Use of re-radiated signals indoors means that GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO receiver is tracking the current status and signal from the satellites. When a GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO receiver is moved from covered area to outdoors and vice versa, the receiver is instantly tracking the location instead of time consuming acquisition.

Each ROGER GPS repeater is capable of transmitting the GNSS signal distance up to 40-50 meters from the repeater center. If necessary, the area can be extended by adding additional repeater units, all connected to the same external antenna, using a signal splitter and line amplifier..

Technical Specifications

Size 200x89x39 mm  
Weight 290 g  
Overall Gain > 40dB  
Noise Figure < 2dB  
Variable attenuation 0-40dB  
Impedance 50Ω  
Input connector TNC-female  
Operating temperature     -40 - +75°C  
Power supply 12VDC, 300mA  
Indoor coverage  upto 50 meters from the repeater  
Antenna power output +5VDC, 100mA  
TX antenna gain  max +4dBd, RHCP polarization  
Other features  
Manual gain control Internal transmit antenna  

Key Features
• Automatic gain limitation
• Oscillation prevention with indicator
• Maximal coverage for CE approved repeater
• Instant GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO fix when moving indoors and outdoors
• Full product family with repeaters, amplifiers and splitters