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ROGER GNSS Amplifier Splitter (GNSS-AS)

ROGER™ GNSS Amplifier & Splitter is a combined signal splitter and line amplifier that can
transmit amplified signal to up to three separate repeater units.

Amplifier has a gain of +16dB and it includes a filter to remove unwanted signals that may have entered the cable at some point.

Splitter is a one to three signal splitter that can transmit signal to up to threGNSS-AS.pnge separate GNSS
(Global Navigation Satellite System) repeater units.

Amplifier is powered through the output signal
cable by the ROGER™ GNSS Repeater and
also passes on DC power for the ROGER™
GNSS Splitter, an another GNSS line amplifier or
GNSS receiving antenna.
The splitter & amplifier is easy to use
and permits a wide range of system



Amplifier section


110x143x28 mm
Weight 195 g
Operating temperature     -25 - +55°C

TNC female input,                TNC female output.

1 x +12 dB with amplifier section     2 x +4 dB with amplifier section

Frequency range 1200-1700 MHz
Noise figure <5dB




Splitter section

TNC female input, 3xTNC female output

1 x -4dB without amplifier sectionwith DC input from repeater.
2 x -12dB without amplifier section and DC blocked for repeaters.

Power supply: The amplifier&splitter is powered through the output / DC input connector
by the ROGER GNSS Repeater
Frequency range: 1200-1700 MHz