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ROGER GNSS Amplifier (GNSS-A-IP67)

GNSS AROGER™ GPS Line Amplifier is an amplifier that is used to allow for longer cable runs and/or signal splitting to several GPS Repeaters.
It has a gain of +16dB at the GPS L1,L2 and GLONASS frequency bands and it includes a filter to remove unwanted signals that may have entered the cable at some point.
The amplifier is powered though the output signal cable by the ROGER GPS Repeater and it passes on the DC power for the GPS receiving antenna or another GPS line amplifier.


Size 200x119x39 mm  
Weight 240 g  
Operating temperature     -40 - +75°C  
Connectors TNC female input TNC female output   
Frequency range 1200-1700 MHz
Noise figure <5dB  


Power supply +5-15VDC
max 20mA through coax 
Gain +16dB