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ROGER GNSS Splitter&Amplifier Package (GNSS-SAP or GPSR-SAP)

rogerpack.gifTo extend the coverage area provided by the ROGER™ GNSS Repeater Package, use the complete ROGER™ GNSS Repeater Splitter & Amplifier extension kit that includes cables, 1 line amplifier, 1 signal splitter/line amplifier. 2 repeater units (alternatively a GPS L1, GLONASS, GALILEO E1 repeaters or a GPS L1 repeaters), depending on your needs and 

With this installation kit, two extra repeaters can be added to the ROGER™ GPS Repeater Package to provide greater indoor satellite signal coverage. If necessary, a repeater can be installed up to 43 metres away from the outdoor antenna. The extension kit is easy to integrate with an existing system that comprises an external antenna and indoor repeater.

If the signal is to be transmitted to fewer than five or three repeaters, the unused ports should be terminated in the amplifier&splitter. Termination should be done with ROGER™ GPS Terminator 50 Ohm.

Technical Specifications

Size 110x143x28 mm  
Weight 165 g  
Overall Gain > 40 dB  
Noise Figure < 2 dB  
Variable attenuation 0-40 dB  
Impedance 50 ohm  
Input connector SMA-female  
Operating temperature -25 - +55°C  
Power supply 12VDC, 300mA Power supply included
Indoor coverage radius 10-15m  
Antenna power output +5VDC, 100mA  
TX antenna gain  max +4 dBd, RHCP polarization  
Other features    
Automatic gain control Output power limit –60dBm, 0,000001mW   
Feedback oscillation suppression Status/power LED  
Manual gain control Internal transmit antenna  
CE-certified Yes

What's in the box

  • 1xROGER™ GNSS Amplifier&Splitter (GNSS-AS)
  • 1xROGER™ GNSS Amplifier (GNSS-A)
  • 2xROGER™ GNSS Repeater unit (GNSS-L1G1GA) or 2xROGER™ GPS Repeater unit (GPSR-1)
  • 1x3 m TNC-m/TNC-m
  • 1x20 m TNC-m/TNC-m
  • 1x25 cm TNC-m/TNC-m
  • 2x20 m TNC-m/SMA-m