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ROGER GNSS Repeater unit (GNSS-L1G1GA-IP67)

ROGER™ GPS L1, Glonass and Galileo E1 repeater operates by receiving satellite signals with an antenna located outside the building and re-radiating the signals to the indoor area or covered space. Use of re-radiated signals indoors means that GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO receiver is tracking the current status and signal from the satellites. When a GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO receiver is moved from covered area to outdoors and vice versa, the receiver is instantly tracking the location instead of time consuming acquisition.GNSS L1G1GA IP67

Each ROGER™ GPS repeater is capable of transmitting the GNSS signal distance up to 40-50 meters from the repeater center. If necessary, the area can be extended by adding additional repeater units, all connected to the same external antenna, using a signal splitter and line amplifier.



Technical Specifications

Size 200x89x39 mm  
Weight 290 g  
Overall Gain > 40 dB  
Noise Figure < 2 dB  
Variable attenuation 0-40 dB  
Impedance 50 ohm  
Input connector TNC-female  
Operating temperature     -40 - +75°C  
Power supply 12VDC, 300mA  
Indoor coverage  up to 50 meters from the repeater  
Antenna power output +5VDC, 100mA  
TX antenna gain  max +4 dBd, RHCP polarization  
Other features  
Manual gain control Internal transmit antenna  
CE-certified  Yes  

Key Features
• Automatic gain limitation
• Oscillation prevention with indicator
• Maximal coverage for CE approved repeater
• Instant GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO fix when moving indoors and outdoors
• Full product family with repeaters, amplifiers and splitters