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ROGER GNSS Amplifier&Splitter (GNSS-AS)

GNSS ASROGER™ GNSS Signal Amplifier&Splitter is a combined signal splitter and line amplifier with an output of +16 dB that can transmit amplified signal to up to three separate repeater units. The amplifier&splitter is easy to use and permits a wide range of system configurations.

If the signal is to be transmitted to fewer than the maximum number of outputs, the unused ports should be terminated. Termination should be done with ROGER™ GPS Terminator 50 Ohm.



Amplifier section


110x143x28 mm
Weight 195 g
Operating temperature     -40 - +75°C
Connectors TNC female input
TNC female output 
Frequency range 1200-1700 MHz
Noise figure <3,8 dB

50 ohm

Power supply +5-14VDC, max 20mA through coax 

+16 dB

Splitter section

TNC female input
TNC female output

Power supply: Not required, DC pass 3VDC - 24VDC, max 200mA
Frequency range: 1200-1700 MHz