products are designed and manufactured in Finland.

We are seeking distribution partners around the world!

We are seeking distribution partners around the world!

Would your company be interested in distributing our products? We are actively looking for

companies with a suitable set of skills, knowledge and experience to effectively develop and

manage a network for the sale of Roger  products.


As our distributor you are expected to meet a few requirements. Your company should have

prior experience in GPS markets and technology, sound marketing and sales experience and

active account management. You also have a strong vision of GPS markets and its

development within upcoming years.


If you´re interested, please send us your basic company info and answer the following

questions briefly:


Outline why you want to be a Roger distributor

What skills does your company have which will allow you to be a successful Roger distributor?

How can you contribute to Roger, beyond just sales? Contacts, market knowledge, R&D?

Does your company have an established network to which it could sell Roger products?

Any additional information that might be useful to us when judging your suitability for a distributorship?