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GPS Repeater FAQ

How does ROGER GPS work?

ROGER GPS repeater operates by receiving GPS satellite signals with an antenna located outside the building and re-radiating the signals to the indoor area or covered it works

Use of re-radiated signals means that GPS receiver is tracking the current GPS status meaning that when a GPS receiver is moved from covered area to outdoors, the receiver is instantly tracking the location instead of the time consuming acquisition of GPS data.


Does your product have CE approval?

Yes, Roger GPS Repeater has CE approval.

I have a small office. Can I adjust the transmission power of the repeater?

Yes, Roger GPS Repeater has the gain control knob to control the output power of the GPS repeater.

I would need a GPS signal in two different rooms. Is it possible?

Yes, e.g. by using Roger GPS signal splitter from an outside antenna and then using two Roger GPS Repeaters.

Our server farm is located 100 meters below ground and we would need a GPS time source, is it possible?

Yes, GPS signal can be transferred distances up to 800 meters with Roger GPS amplifiers and correct cable selection.

Where can I buy Roger GPS products?

You can find distributors in your country on the Find the Distributor page. If you don't find one in your country, you can always contact us.